An investment in the future of your building

Accurate detailed building and tenant data offer optimal way to manage your facility's energy consumption

Integrating all of your building systems into a single platform

Smart Building Solutions integrate all of your building systems into a single operating platform and manage energy consumption in a real-time occupancy-based manner versus timers or pre-set programs.

The system not only gives you unprecedented control over your building, but provides an optimal way to manage energy consumption in your environment. A Smart Building Solution offers you a real-time snapshot of where and when energy is being used throughout your building in a dedicated dashboard. The energy consumption of building systems can be tracked and controlled precisely to those places and times the spaces are being occupied allowing you to better manage the day-to-day operations of your building, realize energy savings and operational improvements, and increase the building value. A Smart Building Solution gives you control like never before to manage your facility and optimize your building systems.

Using data analytics to identify opportunities and issues

“Big Data” solutions offer opportunities to see both the big picture and the little picture.  Continuously monitoring data from trend logs and alarms, can help recognize unusual performance patterns that might indicate an issue or offer an opportunity to improve the efficiency of your building systems.  It can also be used to set up meaningful alarms and faults for specific equipment that will trigger the need for response and attention before it shuts down.

Developing visual dashboards for real-time monitoring and management

Dashboard solutions offer real-time visualization so you can proactively manage the energy consumption in a building.  Harris offers complete design/build services for the development of dashboards that includes defining an energy management system strategy for your building and/or for your entire organization.